History of Trans Tasman Industries

Trans Tasman Industries (TTI) founder, Bruce Verdon, began cutting gears more than 30 years ago when serving his apprenticeship on the South African Railways, where he also learnt pattern making, moulding and casting. In 1986 he started TT Industries in South Africa, as an engineering business manufacturing packaging machines and components, then in 2000 he emigrated to New Zealand and began producing classic motorcycle gear boxes with the equipment he had shipped over from South Africa.

In 2007 TT Industries took a new direction, moving into the design and production of car racing gearboxes, and TTi GTO was born. Over 5 years of research and development went into the creation of the gearboxes, which have recently been adopted as the control gearboxes for New Zealand’s V8s.

Almost every aspect of the manufacture and build is completed in-house. From the original designs, patterns, and machining, right through to assembly, TT Industries does it all, with only the casting of the cases and the heat treating of gears sourced locally.

Having the gearboxes designed and made internally with local support, allows complete control over the quality in each and every gearbox that leaves the workshop, a fundamental factor Bruce wants to ensure for each one of his customers.

Repair and maintenance is also made simple, with all joining surfaces using O-rings rather than gaskets and silicon, and only two different casing types (3 & 5 speed use one casing, 4 & 6 use another) which makes the TTi GTO modular sequential gearboxes easy to overhaul – this is why TTi GTO sequential gearboxes are the performance vehicles’ gearbox of choice.