Manufacturer’s Warranty

Here at TTi we stand by our products and we are completely transparent.


If there is a manufacturer fault in a part of the gearbox then, under the manufacturer’s warranty, we won’t hesitate to replace or fix the problem.


When the gearbox leaves TTi in it’s brand new condition, we have no control over the installation of the gearbox or how the driver performs gear changes, therefore we want to make you aware of a few important issues regarding recommended oils, correct set up and correct shifting of gears in your sequential gearbox.


Subject to following the TTi operational guidelines that are unique to your product, your gearbox will serve you well and perform optimally.

Our warranty does not cover issues relating to incorrect setup, misuse of product or incorrect driving that causes rounding of the dogs to occur. In racing there are no guarantees, a gearbox can be wrecked after one lap if the setup is incorrect or by the uncoordinated changing of gears.


We can not emphasise enough the importance of getting these main issues correct!